This side provides access to source code and experiments of our POS'18 paper.

Armin Biere, Marijn Heule. The Effect of Scrambling CNFs. To be published in Proc. 9th Work. on Pragmatics of SAT (POS'18), 2018.
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Source Code

This is the source code of Scranfilize tool to scramble CNFs.

[ scranfilize-003.tar.xz ]


We provide tables for all the results reported in the paper.

[ sc2017-main-data.txt (SAT 2017 Competition main track) ]

[ sc2017-application-data.txt (SAT 2016 Competition application track) ]

[ sc2017-application-crafted.txt (SAT 2016 Competition crafted track) ]


Complete log files, scripts and source of solvers used in the experiments.

[ pos18data.tar.xz (578 MB) ]