Affiliated to FMCAD'11, October 30 - November 2, Austin, TX, USA.

HWMCC'11 followed HWMCC'07, HWMCC'08, and HWMCC'10.

This was the 4th competitive event for hardware model checkers.


Glitch in liveness track: IIMC now second, TIP actual winner.

Added a Google discussion group.

Complete results available.

The slides of the presentation are available.


Our goal is to keep up the driving force in improving model checkers.

We also want to motivate implementors to present their work to a broader audience.

One important goal is to collect realistic benchmarks and to make them available.

Academia and industry is invited to submit solvers and benchmarks.

Entrants have to solve benchmarks in the AIGER format.


HWMCC'11 was organized by the two chairs Armin Biere and Keijo Heljanko.

Siert Wieringa and Niklas Sörensson acted as technical advisors.