Affiliated to FMCAD'12, October 22 - October 25, Cambridge, UK.

HWMCC'12 followed HWMCC'07, HWMCC'08, HWMCC'10, and HWMCC'11.

This was the 5th competitive event for hardware model checkers.


Updated slides the third time, again for the multi track but without changing the ranking. The problem was that tip produced 3 GB log files for the bob12m04, which were not flushed to disk. After adding sync to the launch script and running the multi track again, this problem went away and tip and tipbmc scored substantial more properties.

Updated slides again to fix multi track ranking. Due to an error in an analysis script, tip and mpmc switched places. New actual winner in the multi track is the new comer mpmc.

Added CSV Spread sheets summarizing results in tables.

Updated slides to include results on running tarmo with flushing the output.

Benchmarks and detailed results available.

Results presented at FMCAD'12 on October 24.

Deep Bounds Award sponsored by Oski Technology.


Our goal is to keep up the driving force in improving model checkers.

We also want to motivate implementors to present their work to a broader audience.

One important goal is to collect realistic benchmarks and to make them available.

Academia and industry is invited to submit solvers and benchmarks.

Entrants have to solve benchmarks in the AIGER format.


HWMCC'12 has been organized by Armin Biere, Keijo Heljanko, Martina Seidl, and Siert Wieringa.