Winter Semester 2019

Armin Biere, Wolfgang Schreiner, Martina Seidl, Wolfgang Windsteiger


  • Lecture and exercises will start on October 8th, 2019


  • Lecture: Tuesday, 8:30 - 10:00, HS 1, Linz
  • Mini Test: Tuesday, 10:15 - 10:30, HS 1, Linz
  • Exercises: Tuesday, 10:45 - 11:30, HS 1, Linz
All lectures and exercise classes will be live-streamed and the recordings will be made available in our JKU Moodle.

The weekly minitests will also be offered in Vienna:
JKU Zentrum für Fernstudien
Strozzigasse 2
1080 Wien

Personal attendance is recommended but not requrired. Instead of the weekly minitests also one final exam at the end of the semester can be taken.

Details will be explained after the first lecture on Oct 8 (no minitest on Oct 8). Slides on Course Organization


Slides and Lecture Notes

We will update the material during the semester; it is not considered to be complete until the end of the semester.


The exercises will be organized via the JKU Moodle.


Propositional Logic (SAT)

First Order Predicate Logic (FO)

Satisfiabily Modulo Theory (SMT)