McRaceTrack Model Checker


First public release on December 5, 2015.


mcracetrack-4.2.tar.gz  | mcracetrack-4.1.tar.gz ]

Actual solutions produced by the tool:

solution4.2.txt (default)  | solution4.2g.txt (garbage collection)  | solution4.2c.txt (counting) ]


This is a model checker and visualizer for the c't race track puzzle as published in the German computer journal c't 2015 issue 25. See the README, which comes with the source code for more information on McRaceTrack. It also has been used in our course on Model Checking to help explaining explicit state model checking.

You find a video of visualizing the hybrid forward and backward search of this model checker as on YouTube. A local copy mcjku1i5.mp4 is available too.