We have currently openings on Bachelor and Master level in our Linz Institute of Technology project Logic Technology for Computer Science Education (LOGTECHEDU) pursued from 2018 to 2020 jointly by the Institute for Formal Methods and Verification (FMV, Armin Biere and Martina Seidl) and the Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC, Wolfgang Schreiner and Wolfgang Windsteiger) in cooperation with the Department of MINT/STEM Education of the Linz School of Education (Barbara Sabitzer and Markus Hohenwarter).

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In our doctoral college on Logical Methods in Computer Science (LogiCS) funded by FWF we have several openings for PhD students, and we are still filling one at least in Linz, for the new funding period, starting with fall 2018.

We are particularly interested in students with in depth experience in implementing decision procedures or related techniques or proven excellent implementation skills and interest in working on logic related topics. We will continue looking for candidates until the positions are filled.

If you are interested contact Armin Biere or Martina Seidl for more information or check out