Advanced Model Checking

Summer Semester 2013

Armin Biere


First lecture on March 13.


This lecture is about algorithms for SAT and applications of SAT to model checking and related problems.

The lecture takes place Wednesdays from 15:30 to 17:00 in room MT 130.


Version 2013.4 of the slide set is available as amcslides.pdf.

You find a description of the Plaisted-Greenbaum polarity based encoding in our recent TACAS paper.

As background material consider the Handbook of Satisfiability (see also the tutorial page of the SAT association).

The SAT Association, the SAT conference, and the SAT Competition.

SMVFlatten tool to flatten SMV models.

Further related papers are listed on our publication page, additional software, particularly SAT solvers, can be found on our software page