Archived Events


Hardware Model Checking Competition 2013

Organized HWMCC'13 affiliated to FMCAD'13.

SAT Competition 2013

Lingeling, Plingeling, and Treengeling
awarded 7 medals: 4 gold, 3 silver.
Additional 3 medals in the
configuration challenge.

QBF 2013 Workshop

We are organizing the International Workshop on
Quantified Boolean Formulas 2013 QBF 2013
this July.


JNuke Source Code Release

First source code release of JNuke.
A program analysis framework for Java.

Student Exchange Program Austria - Ukraine

We support a student exchange program
between Austria and Ukraine.

HVC'12 Conference

We helped to organize the
Haifa Verification Conference HVC'12.

Hardware Model Checking Competition 2012

Organized HWMCC'12 affiliated to FMCAD'12.

Boolector in SMT competition 2012

In last year's SMT competition, our SMT-solver
Boolector won first places for bit-vectors and also
for bit-vectors with arrays.

COMPARE'12 Workshop

We helped to organize a Workshop on
Comparative Empirical Evaluation
of Reasoning Systems COMPARE'12
which was affiliated to IJCAR'12.


DIFTS'11 Workshop

We were helping to organize a Workshop on
Design and Implementation
of Formal Tools and Systems
DIFTS'11 affiliated to FMCAD'11.

Hardware Model Checking Competition 2011

HWMCC'11 affiliated to FMCAD'11.
Related new 1.9 series versions of AIGER.
Results and benchmarks available.

Rigourous Systems Engineering (RiSE)

National research network RiSE funded by FWF.
Several open PhD and Post-Doc positions.
Local jobs announcement.

WRiSE'11 Workshop

Workshop on Rigourous Systems Engineering.
WRiSE'11 affiliated to EUROSYS'11.


Prizes for Lingeling / Plingeling

Lingeling 2nd main track SAT Race 2010.
Plingeling 1st parallel track SAT Race 2010.
Published source code under GPL.


Hardware Model Checking Competition

HWMCC'10 affiliated to HWVW'10.
Results presented at HWVW'10.


Boolector 1.3 Release

Award winning SMT solver
Boolector 1.3 released under GPL.


Hardware Verification Workshop
at last FLOC'10 in Edinburgh.

DepQBF Source Release

Source code of DepQBF available,
our new search-based QBF solver.
Ranked first last QBF competition.



We were involved in organizing FMCAD'09.
Pictures, Slides available.

Colloquium 26. November 2009

Boolector in SMT competition 2009

In last year's SMT competition, our SMT-solver
Boolector won the second place in the division
of bit-vectors and the first place in the division
of bit-vectors and arrays.

Gold Medal for PrecoSAT

Three prizes for our SAT solver PrecoSAT.


NVSIDS in Action

Video presented at SAT'08.

Colloquium 4. April 2008