CaDiCaL Simplified Satisfiability Solver

The goal of CaDiCaL is to provide a clean and efficient state-of-the-art CDCL solver, which is also easy to understand and change.


CaDiCaL won first place in the SAT track of the SAT Race 2019 and second overall place.

Latest Release

Here is an archive of the source code of the version submitted to the SAT Competition 2020:

cadical-sc2020-45029f8.tar.xz ]

You can also access the sources through the CaDiCaL repository on GitHub:

SAT Competition and SAT Race Versions

Older sources of our SAT solver CaDiCaL including those submitted to SAT Race 2019, SAT Competition 2018 and SAT Competition 2017 are available here:

cadical-1.0.3-cb89cbf.tar.xz ]
cadical-1.0.0-c861e12.tar.xz ]
cadical-sr2019-9362f49-release.tar.xz ]
cadical-sc18-58331fd.tar.xz ]
cadical-sc17-7a80db8.tar.xz ]