[ hwmcc08public.tar.bz2 | hwmcc08intel.tar.bz2 | hwmcc10-except-intel-aiger1.7z ]

Above you can download all the 645 benchmarks used in HWMCC'08 split into a publically available part and benchmarks from Intel.

These benchmarks include almost all benchmarks from HWMCC'07. We simplified the naming scheme and renamed some of them. We are also working on publishing more benchmarks, particularly liveness problems.

The benchmark set of HWMCC'10 contains 818 benchmarks, made of 173 new benchmarks and 645 HWMCC'08 benchmarks.

HWMCC'10 Benchmarks are available as hwmcc10-except-intel-aiger1.7z. Due to license restrictions, this archive does not include the old Intel benchmarks, which however can be obtained through the link above.

We will translate benchmarks into the new AIGER 2.0 format soon.