Special Topics

Satisfiability Modulo Theory

Spezielle Kapitel in Informatik (3KV)

Summer Semester 2016


Prof. Armin Biere, Dr. Martina Seidl


SMT (Satisfiability Modulo Theories) extends logic formulas by theories of various kinds. Examples of such theories are integer arithmetic, bit vectors, arrays, etc. On this basis, many SMT solvers have been implemented which are successfully used in applications like verification, testing, program analysis and scheduling.

This lecture is about algorithms for SMT and their practical implementation.


First, we will start with three lectures, where an introduction to the topic is given. Then each group (about two people) will select an individual SMT-related topic which they will work on during the semester. In most cases, this will be an implementation project. During the semester there will be multiple individual meetings where feedback is provided. At the end of the semester, the results of the project will be presented to all course participants.