Planning and Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence (VL + UE)

Winter Semester 2020

Martina Seidl


  • Lecture and exercises will start on Oct 6th
  • In WS 2020, this course (lecture and exercises) will be given online
  • Presentation of course organization: Oct 6th, 16:15, Zoom (access will be provided to registered participants)

Course Description

This course covers symbolic reasoning techniques that are used in various application domains like planning or formal verification. The underlying theory of the applied formalims is introduced and the power of the inference mechanisms offered by these formalisms is analyzed. Encodings of concrete application problems demonstrate strengths and limitations of the symbolic reasoning techniques.

Course Organization

  • Registration in KUSSS is required for the lecture and the exercises
  • Lectures will be provided weekly as recorded videos for the whole semester
  • Every Tuesday, there is a Q&A session in Zoom at 16:15
  • Lecture and exercises will be graded based on
    • weekly home assignments in Moodle
    • 3 minitests during the semester (Nov 3rd, Dec 1st, Jan 26th at 16:15 - 16:45, online)
    • a practcial project in groups of up to 3 students (individual presentation at the end of the semester)


Slides, recordings will be published during the semester.