This is a tool for sampling and limiting time and memory usage of a program and its child processes using the proc file system on Linux.

Time and space limits are also supported. It is helpful for benchmarking and running competitions.

See README and NEWS for more information.

The latest version also supports limits on wall clock time and thus can control runs of multi-threaded programs on multi-core machines as well.


[ runlim-1.10.tar.gz ]
[ runlim-1.7.tar.gz ]

Version 1.10 includes various bug-fixes compared to version 1.7, which was the first public release after renaming it from Run to RunLim.

See the obsolete Run home page for older versions.


We use a BSD style license. In essence, you can use and modify the sources as you like provided that you acknowledge the origin of the software. More details can be found in the LICENSE file that comes with the sources.