Seminar in Computer Science: Formal Verification

Martina Seidl,


In this seminar, the participants learn how to write a scientific paper and how to prepare and give a scientific talk. Therefore, recent literature of active research fields is inquired.


Each participant (groups consisting of 2 students are also possible) selects one of the proposed topics (see below), performs a small literature study on this topic, and outlines the most important results in a written survey, which are finally presented to the other participants at the end of the term. The concrete workflow of this seminar is as follows.

  1. Topic selection. Topics are assigned during the first meeting.

  2. Presentation of the first concept. During this meeting, you present the overall structure of your paper, i.e., the table of content, together with a short outline of each section (some keywords are sufficient) and (per person) at least two other related references which will be used in your paper to the advisor. Furthermore, open questions shall be answered and the outline of the work shall be either confirmed or clarified. The appointment for this meeting is arranged individually. Please submit your concept within the submission deadline for the concept as stated below.

  3. Submission of the paper. The paper (formatted in Springer LNCS; contains the files for the Springer LNCS style; short demo document) has to be submitted via email. You will receive feedback (appointment is set up individually via email) which you have to incorporate in the final version of your paper. We encourage you to use LaTex. The structure of your paper shall be similar to the structure proposed in the article How to Write an Informatics Paper.

  4. Submission of the slides. The slides which you will present in your talk have to be submitted via email. You will receive feedback via email which you have to incorporate in the final version of your slides. Infos on how to prepare and give a good talk may be found in the Presentation Primer.

  5. Oral presentation. Finally, your work is presented to the other participants of the seminar. The talk should have a length of max. 20 minutes.


The grading is based on the quality of the submitted material and the given talk. Active participation during the meetings is expected.

The default language of the seminar is English. Papers and talks in English are particularly appreciated, but not required.


In case of questions or problems please contact Martina Seidl (

Deadlines and Appointments