Duplex Encoding of Staircase At-Most-One Constraints for the Antibandwidth Problem

This page provides access to source code and experimental data for a paper submitted to CPAIOR'20 and to related source code to the submitted benchmarks of the SAT competition 2020.

Current version of Duplex Encoder

The most recent source code of the Duplex Encoder (used for benchmark generation) is avaiable here.

Benchmark Submission to the SAT Competition 2020

The script to generate the submitted benchmarks of SC 2020 is avaiable here. See the comments at the beginning of the file about how to use it. The script expects the recent version (1.2) of the Duplex Encoder.

CPAIOR Submission

Problem instances of the experiments are here.

Log files of the experimental evaluation are here.

The source code of the Duplex Encoder used in the experiments is avaiable here.