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JNuke is a collection of program analysis tools for Java bytecode; JNuke itself is written in C.

JNuke is a collection of program analysis tools for Java bytecode, including:

JNuke is currently not under active development, but the existing code base is licensed under the open source BSD license, to allow JNuke or some of its components to be re-used. JNuke also contains about 1,800 test cases that cover corner cases for Java bytecode, which may be interesting to test other tools.

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Due to licensing reasons, JNuke is provided in multiple archives, each containing a separate license. The main code base is licensed under the BSD license. To use run the regression tests of JNuke, additional class files are needed, coming under their own license. JNuke also requires class library files, which can be extracted from an existing JVM installation.

Archive License Description
LICENSE jnuke-1.0.tar.gz Source distribution (version 1.0)
LICENSE-EPCC jnuke-1.0-edinburgh.tar.gz Java Grande Benchmark (used in some regression tests)
LICENSE-ETH jnuke-1.0-eth.tar.gz Concurrency benchmarks (used in some regression tests)
LICENSE-GNU jnuke-1.0-gnu.tar.gz Java library components (GNU classpath)
LICENSE-SUN jnuke-1.0-sun.tar.gz Java library class files (for reference only; should be extracted from class files from existing JVM installation)


Cyrille Artho, Marcel Baur, Armin Biere, Pascal Eugster, Peter Farkas, Viktor Schuppan, Boris Zweim├╝ller.

Publications about JNuke

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