FMCAD 2009
Formal Methods in Computer Aided Design
Austin, Texas, USA
November 15 - 18

EDA Vendors Lunch Panel

Wednesday, 18. November, 11:50 - 14:00

What will be the next breakthrough solutions in formal?

The goal of this panel was to introduce the audience to what EDA believes is the next big thing in formal verification (FV).


Harry Foster, Mentor
Ziyad Hanna, Jasper
Kevin Harrer, Synopsys
Axel Scherer, Cadence


JL Gray, Verilab

Slides of the panelists are also available on the program page.

There was a Google Moderator page where the FMCAD website visitors were able to add questions for the audience or vote on existing questions.


Vigyan Singhal, Oski Technology


EDA technologists offer a unique perspective on FV: they have a direct connection to a large class of endusers of formal technology, and at the same time they have need to have access to deep knowledge of the state-of-the-art in FV research.

This panel brought technology leaders from the big four of formal - Cadence, Jasper, Mentor and Synopsys - to FMCAD. They described what their customers most pressing problems are, and how those problems translate into an FV research agenda. They also described what they find uninspiring in FV research, from the perspective of their customers.