Model Checking

Winter Semester 2012

Armin Biere, Andreas Fröhlich, Martina Seidl


Next lecture and next exercise class: November 15th

Lecture and exercises started on October 4th.


Thursday, 8:30 - 10:00, MT 226/1 (seminar room Mechatronik building, Science Park 1)


This lecture is a mandatory course in the Computer Science Master.

Teaching language is English.


This is version 2012.1.

[ mcslides.pdf ]

We will upate the slides during the semester and they are not considered to be complete until the end of the semester.


Exercises also started on October 4th.

Times, rooms and group assignments may be found on the KUSSS page of this course (342.255, 342.225).
Details on the organization of the exercises may be found below.


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Predicate abstraction checks for simple example on the slides in SMT2 syntax: pred0.smt, pred1.smt, pred2.smt, pred3.smt, pred4.smt, pred5.smt. All should be 'sat', except for the last one pred5.smt, where we assume i != INT_MAX. The check pred2.smt actually shows, that we would need "b = *;" instead of "if (b) b = *;" if we consider bit-precise reasoning (so 32 bit 2-complement int and not integers).

Our award winning SMT solver Boolector.

Z3 SMT solver with source code.

New script for generating SMT2 bit-vector formulas for bit-precise reasoning about binary search.

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AIG implementation and visualization:, lg-0.9.tar.gz.

BDD implementation and visualization:, lg-0.9.tar.gz.

C32SAT is a satisfiability checker for boolean C expressions. It can check whether they can be satisfied, are tautological, or can potentially be undefined according to the C99 standard.