2nd International Workshop on Quantification

colocated with the
25th Int. Conf. on Automated Deduction


Important Dates

  • Paper Submission: May 24 2015 (Extended Deadline)
  • Notification of Acceptance: June 7 2015
  • Camera Ready: June 23 2015
  • Workshop: August 3 2015 (moved from Aug 1)

Workshop @ CADE 2015

Berlin, Germany


Quantifiers play an important role in language extensions of many logics. The use of quantifiers often allows for a more succinct encoding as it would be possible without quantifiers. However, the introduction of quantifiers affects the complexity of the extended formalism in general. In consequence, theoretical results established for the quantifier-free formalism may not directly be transferred to the quantified case. Further, techniques successfully implemented in reasoning tools for quantifier-free formulas cannot directly be lifted to a quantified version.

The goal of the Workshop on Quantification (QUANTIFY 2015) is to bring together researchers who investigate the impact of quantification from a theoretical as well as from a practical point of view. Quantification is a topic in different research areas, e.g., in SAT in terms of QBF, in CSP in terms of QCSP, in SMT, etc. This workshop has the aim to provide an interdisciplinary forum where researchers of various fields may exchange their experiences.

In particular, the following topics shall be considered at the workshop:

  • Theoretical aspects of quantification
  • Practical aspects of quantifications
  • Intersections between the different research communities working on quantification

Invited Speaker

Important Information

  • Submission: please see the call and submission instructions for further information.
  • The workshop takes place on Monday, August 3 2015
  • Find information on the venue

We are looking forward to a successful workshop, and to seeing you in Berlin!



Previous Edition

The first edition of the QUANTIFY workshop was held in 2014 in Vienna in the context of FLoC (affiliated to IJCAR).