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ECAI 2006 Workshop on Configuration

August 28 - 29, Riva del Garda, Italy

Affiliated with the 17th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2006)

Here you can find the list of papers accepted for presentation at the workshop. We have three categories: full papers (6 pages), short papers and position statements (3 pages), and abstracts (1 page).

You can also download the Workshop Proceedings (PDF).

Full Papers

F1 Nina Narodytska and Toby Walsh Constraint and Variable Ordering Heuristics for Compiling Configuration Problems
F2Albert Haag, Ulrich Junker and Barry O'Sullivan A Survey on Principal Explanation Techniques for Configurators
F3Esther Gelle and Mihaela Sabin Direct and Reformulation Solving of Conditional Constraint Satisfaction Problems
F4Lothar Hotz Configuring from Observed Parts
F5Juha Tiihonen, Mikko Heiskala, Kaija-Stiina Paloheimo and Andreas Anderson Configuration of Contract Based Services
F6Thorsten Krebs Evolution of Configuration Models - a Focus on Correctness

Short Papers and Position Statements

S1 Songlin Chen and Mitchell Tseng Turning a Configurator into a Bargaining Table
S2Carsten Sinz Comparing Different Logic-Based Representations of Automotive Parts Lists
S3Daniel Naus HP Rack Placement Optimization Case Study
S4Rick Rabiser, Deepak Dhungana and Paul Gruenbacher Integrating Knowledge-Based Product Configuration and Product Line Engineering: An Industrial Example
S5Alexander Felfernig, Christian Scheer and Peter Loos How to recommend configurable products?


A1 Douglas Gray Handling product churn in real-world configurators
A2Markus Zanker, Markus Aschinger and Marius Silaghi Knowledge-based composition of recommendations
A3Manikandan Sundaram, Rajasekhar Vinnakota and Praveen Vudoagiri Industry specific Standard Template Libraries for configuration
A4Markus Stumptner Configuration Support for Ubiquitous Workspaces
A5Diego Magro Using Constraint Optimization to Enhance the Diversity in the Set of Computed Configurations