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ECAI 2006 Workshop on Configuration

August 28 - 29, Riva del Garda, Italy

Affiliated with the 17th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2006)


The workshop wishes to promote high-quality research in all technical areas related to configuration and to bring together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia. The workshop thus is of interest for both researchers working in the various fields of applicable AI technologies as well as for industry representatives interested in the relationship between configuration technology and the business problem behind configuration and mass customization.

We invite submissions describing novel and previously unpublished research (possibly in progress) or experiences with AI in configuration-related areas, including but not limited to:

  1. Configuration problems and models

    Configuration problems typology. Knowledge representation & acquisition. Fuzzy and incomplete knowledge. Knowledge base validation, diagnosis. Standardization of catalog exchange formats. Configuration problems including discrete/continuous/mixed constraints. Product and process configuration. Service configuration (travel, financial services, ...). Product design and configuration.
  2. Reasoning methods

    Constraint Satisfaction Problems and extensions. Preference based reasoning. Description logics, Rules, Case-based reasoning. SAT-Solving, Local search, Genetic algorithms, Neural networks. Problem decomposition. Optimization. Multi-criteria optimization. Symmetry breaking. Cooperative configuration processes. Re-configuration of existing systems. Explanations. Distributed Problem Solving. Benchmark proposals. (Knowledge-based) recommendation.
  3. Interactivity & e-business

    Personalization. Ontology. Intelligent man machine interaction. Machine learning. Client/Server architecture. Configuration server. Configuration Web service. Distributed configuration. Configuration Process modelling.
  4. Integration into the business process

    Product Data Management. CAD. Pricer. ERP. Product Configuration and CRM Interfaces. Interaction with Product Data Management systems. Process configuration.
  5. Applications & Tools

    Application reports. Case studies. Designing and Configuration Tools. Real world challenges. Test environments for configuration knowledge bases.

We hope to attract a balance of

  • new and innovative papers on theoretical issues, justified by practical concerns,
  • practical applications, preferably applying a well defined theory model,
  • thorough case studies highlighting practical problems, needs and experiences, especially long term experiences and new cases in, for instance, e-commerce applications.
In addition, we solicit papers containing a description of a configuration problem instance together with longer complete description. The longer descriptions will be made available on a web site in order to build up a benchmark test base for systems.