Advanced Topics in Informatics

Pthreads Programming in C

Spezielle Kapitel in Informatik (3KV)

Summer Semester 2011

Course has been canceled.


Prof. Armin Biere, DI Florian Lonsing, Dr. Martina Seidl


The development of parallel SAT solvers is currently a hot research topic with the aim to take advantage of the nowadays wide-spread availability of multicore architectures for solving hard SAT formula instances of practical importance.

In this course, the participants port a sequential state-of-the-art SAT solver (e.g., Lingeling) to a parallel SAT solver by using Pthreads. Hence, the goal of this course is to put concepts of parallel programming into action in a real-world application setting.

Four lectures at the beginning of the semester will provide the necessary basics on programming with Pthreads and on SAT solving technologies. During the semester, meetings with the supervisors are scheduled individually for progress reporting. At the end of the semester, the performance and the correctness of the final implementations will be evaluated in a competitive setting.

The attendance of the lecture Advanced Model Checking is recommended.

Schedule (tentative)

The lectures are from 15:30-17:00 in KG 712.
  • 08.03.2011: Administrative issues;


Pthreads introduction (slides and examples)